RIFT – Entering the Portal Really Hurts Part 3


Da hell do I do with all this shit?

Questing in RIFT seems to be a breeze! Quests connect very well. If you get lost, you can find your way just by clicking the quest and looking at the map

So far I am leveling fast. I am already level 12 without even leaving the area.

Running into rifts is still a neat idea. Still not tired of them. I like the fact that something different pops out of them often.

My head hasn’t popped off in a while!

Ran into the first player that wanted to spam sparing requests.

I also get guild invites every ten minutes.

Oh and I also seen three multibox players. If you ask me, those are the hardcore players.

Money seems to flow well.

I have all my eight slotted bags already.

I need to look at my skills next time I play. I think I can upgrade or something.

Kinda a boring blog but thats gonna happen sometime 😉

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