The Secret World – First Contact Part 2

secretworld7000milesGood thing my character gets 4 bars out here!

This time around things were not so bad. I understand the quest system is FUCKED! So I can deal with it now. Sorta…

The main quest chain I am on was suddenly very hard. I know cause it said “difficulty Hard”. Lots of easy mobs with one or two tuff mobs.

First death. Really? I am level four! Did I skip a level or something?

So I did what every other pro mmo gamer would do in this situation. Run past everything. Soon I had undead Benny Hill with all his friends chasing me down every road.

I finally finished the main quest. It was kinda… dumb in my opinion. You go out and you kill some mobs. You call in your progress. Then the quest tracker sends you out farther. Even harder to kill stuff is there. I get that done after a death or two and call in my progress. Next stop is a place father away with even more harder stuff.

Who the hell knows about this place?

So there I am out in some damn islands, fighting for my life. Nobody is out here to help. I blew all my heal soda pop and energy drinks. Epic cult zombies all over the place.

If someone called me to tell me go to some island and get five calculators that he has never even seen before, id be pretty pissed off. Honestly he really only needs me to get him one. Hell! He just needs me to see if they are there!

The conversation should have gone something like this.

Bill: “Hey player character chick! I need you to go out and scout out a location.”

Gretta: “Yes sir!”

Two hours later

Gretta: “Ok there are zombies here and they are digging up more zombies.”

Bill: “I see. Kill five of them for me.”

Now Gretta, hiding in a bush, surrounded by zombies is going to say one simple thing.

Gretta: “FUCK YOU!”

I am way off topic…

So I get back to shore and the quest finally ends. I am then given the choice of a new main quest.

I decided to do the unthinkable… I did not pick one! “Gasp!”

I am going back to do the ten or so ity bity quests I past up to get here.

Screw you quest chain! I will be back later…

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