Guild Wars 2 – Lost In A Detailed World Part 1

guildwars2hug3treesA war? Or tree huggers AA meeting.

This game feels very epic. Like something is going to happen around ever corner. Sometimes that does happen but most of the time it does not. So far!

The start of the game I get a really cool story of whats going on in the world. Soon after that I fight a big o dragon! I fall on my ass over and over… and over… and… wait… what the fuck is going on?

Turns out when you die, you can toss rocks and smack the mob around a bit as you try to get back up. I still do not know what the buttons do when this happens. I just slam on them all, the bar moves, and I get up. Neat idea now that I know what it is. Wish this got explained somehow.

So after that I am in a huge world! Stuff all around me. Dogs and cats living together. Woman in the cold with hardly any clothes on. My kinda place.

So lets start questing!

Despite the name of this artical, I did feel like a tree hugger. I have been breaking signs, smashing borrows, freeing fish, feeding bears, killing bunnys, checking bushes, ect, ect. I get to a quest like kill some bad guys and I get super excited! When I get there I have to also do more tree hugger stuff along with kill bad guys. Now I could just wait for bad guys, however the respawns are just a tad to slow. So off I go to rub a wall while I wait. DING! Quest chain is done.

What happens is, they give you stuff to do like a quest, but you can do any of them in that area. Including the same thing over and over if you want. That is fine and all, but I want to kill!

I picked a warrior. Someone who goes RARR RAAR RAARRRAARR! when shes pissed off! She will totally smack you in da face and make you cry. Her legs are full of muscle, her armor is hardly covering her… I should write a different blog about that…

It is still the start of the game. I hope this picks up speed, cause Micky Mouse and the Fantasia orchestra playing music in the background is making me feel very very sleepy.

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