RIFT – Entering the Portal Really Hurts Part 1


I started RIFT today for the fun of it. Thanks to Chris I got a free copy. So I jumped into a RIFT and seen what it was all about. BTW jumping into a rift is very painful. You get used to it after awhile but you need to take extra undies with you. Yes… every time!

RIFT is pretty cool. I do not know every MMO out there, but I would say this game is the sequel to World of Warcraft. Now do not kill me for that comment. It just feels like that’s what it is. Lots of gadgets and crazy characters all over the place. Perty colors on everything. Even the game play is responsive and fluid. It feels like WoW!

However there is another theam in this game…



Come on! You know it feels like it!

First off we have dimensions with bad guys all over the place. Demons and death all over the place.

Not only does it feel like Mortal Kombat’s universe. The UI even feels like it!

Once you get a quest… boom! QUEST ACCEPTED. Holy crap! That is a big ass font! QUEST FINISHED. Wow… Really you guys should have hired the Mortal Kombat announcer for this.

Only problem I had with the game is class selection.

You can pick four classes, and then pick any subclass you want. Problem is when your in the game for awhile, it makes you pick yet another sub sub class. Uhhh… Okay?

Then again it may be the original selection again… I will have to look more into it. Still I was pretty confused by this in the middle of a damn war zone!

Which brings me to me. Da hero! The lady with some glowing sword tells me  the rift that is open must be closed! Then like seven other players come in and we group up and kill stuff. After the epic battle she tells me I am the only one to go back in time and save Mortal Kombat! So I jump into the portal and everyone that was with me pop up next to me.

Bitch lied!

If I am the only one, who are these other jobbers! If these guys block me from getting laid by that chick, ima be real pissed off. 😛

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1 Response to RIFT – Entering the Portal Really Hurts Part 1

  1. Sayen says:

    See ya in the moors

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