The Secret World – First Contact Part 1

Holy shit the quest system sucks!


That is no way to start a article but whatever. It muh blog 😉

Let me say that this game is great! I have been a fan of dark music, movies, and games all my life. This game fits me like a pair leather ankle cuffs on a cute minion.

Combat right now is simple but I see it will get better later. Graphics are great. Gameplay and movement fit me well.

The quest system… wow…

I get into Zombie land to look for Twinkies. Of corce there are no more so I start to kill stuff instead. I come across a quest hub and everything “other than quests I cant get yet” is going good. I find another quest hub close by. Oh nice! I can stack this up and do them all. NOPE! Your limited to how many quests you can have active. This makes the game slow. Very slow. You get bored of the area rather quickly at this point. 

The quest that made me get bored of the area was finding some papers and bad zombies in the area. The town im in is a damn maze! When you get close to the away point for the quest, IT POOFS AWAY! You have to look at the map and see the big red circle in the area to find the thing your looking for. That would normally be fine, but when you put one on a church so you have to search in and and out of it, that’s a problem.

Some are easy to find in the red circle, however you have no way to get to the red circle in a lot of cases! It takes a while to get into the back alleys and such to find the damn things. This quest brings me to even more quest hubs. Hubs im not going to be able to remember where they are.

They may be location pips on the map for them tho.I will be looking at it tonight.

My roommate who hates the zombie movement for the last 2 years was playing this game. He loves the game but really hated killing zombies all day. He has played the game casual over a month. Loves this game, but the constant returning over and over to areas in this zone killed it for him.  Mind you, he stopped playing cause of the questing system. Not because of the zombies.

Everyone needs to get used to a new game. All I have to say is, if this was a free to play game, I would be done playing it. This is a paid game tho so I will continue and adjust.

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