It has begun!


Ahhhhh… Shang Tsung. Your so not Layanor…

Hello minions!

This is my attempt at a blog. I have a lot of things I would like to kick out of my head and throw somewhere. Including the bad memory of summer camp. >_>

I have not gone to college to study writing, grammar, or paragraph structure. What you see is what I is. Expect some unreadable crap. Ha!

I have done well to keep the minions updated on things in my twitter, but I think it is time too expand. I can cover more topics here and not be limited by how many letters I type.

I will be very blunt, bold and bitchy.

One last thing. I invite everyone to open up and give your opinions on everything. I love to listen and it improves me and this blog. My ego thinks it knows everything, but really I love to learn.

Ok! Lets see where this shit takes us! 😉

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